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Laboratory Exercises  

Laboratory 1: Chemical Reactor Safety  

Laboratory 2: BioReactor Orientation Lab  
Laboratory 3: Soxlet Extraction and Soda Pulping Labs  
Laboratory 4: Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose Lab  
Laboratory 5: Glucose Derivitization and GC-MS Quantification Lab  
Laboratory 6: Lignin Chromatography Lab  
Laboratory 7: Preparation of a Biodiesel Catalyst from Glycerol By-Product  
Laboratory 8: Make Your Own Biodiesel Fuel  
Laboratory 9: Advanced Biofuel Lab: Isopentenol Production from Engineered E. coli Strain JBEI 1A  
Laboratory 10: Reductive Amination of Vanillin, a High-Value product of Lignin Oxidation  
Laboratory 11: Synthesis of a Renewable, "Platform" Ionic Liquid  

Additional Course Literature  

Practice Problems and Review Material