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2016 Earth Day Celebration

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Smarter City Conversations (Remembering Candia Bruce)       April 11th, 2016
    Bronx Communnity College,
    2155 University Ave,
    Bronx, New York 10453

    Cities face multiple challenges related to environmental degradation, socioeconomic disintegration, urban blight and resource management issues. These are some of the concerns that have led to global calls for smarter cities. Come and learn how Greg Bruce and his team is helping to make the City of Townsville, Australia (winner of an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge award) smarter through the creation of an array of practical, affordable and sustainable residential living, business and government options. Come and learn more about smart cities and how you as an individual could help to make our cities and our planet smarter. Also learn about the work that Greg's late wife (Candia Bruce) did to foster collaborations that make cities optimize their human resources to become smarter.

Summer Student Biofuel Research 2014


Clean Energy and Property Value

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Urban Biking 101 Safety and Repair Workshop