Sustainability, Energy and the Green Economy

CHM 100 (BIO 100, PHY 100)

Course Description:
This course entitled 'Sustainability, Energy, and the Green Economy' will present the tenets of sustainability and why they have a growing influence in the world at large. The course will cover a brief history from the industrial revolution to the rise of the Neoliberal market to frame the beginning of environmental regulation and the rise of the sustainability movement. The curriculum will then cover the relationship of humans within their environment and the facts of climate change. This will be followed up with an analysis of the current global energy portfolio and burgeoning renewable energy sector. Limiting factors and inherent strengths will be highlighted. The course will then cover the connections between consumption and quality of life. Students will be lead through an estimation of their own carbon footprint. Emphasis will be made on the concept of 'Life Cycle Analysis' and how such analyses can be used to create market value. The course will then discuss major threats to ecosystems through the lens of global land use allocation. The remainder of the course will focus on how the principles of sustainability are building the green economy and how to build a successful career within it.

Syllabus: Sustainability, Energy and the Green Economy