The Center For Sustainable Engery has recently relocated to a newly refurbished building with offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Come visit us and check out our sustainable architecture:


1. Diversion of construction debris from landfill
2. Reuse of existing building instead of new construction – preserves existing resource and avoids landfill
3. Use of materials with recycled content including:  Gypsum wallboard, acoustic ceiling tile, and steel studs
4. Use of materials with rapidly renewable content: including linoleum
5. Use of low emitting adhesives 
6. Use of low emitting materials paints & coatings
7. lighting controls for multi occupant spaces 
8. Provide all occupied spaces with natural daylight 
9. Use of low flow plumbing fixtures 
10. No smoking on grounds 
11. No new parking spaces
12. Site in proximity to multiple public transportation lines